Pro-Life Leaders Hopeful for Human Rights Amendment

California Human Rights Amendment Draws Praise from Pro-Life and Civil Rights Leaders

American Life League Press Release, March 10, 2010

Niece of MLK, Jr., leaders of, the Family Research Council, Frederick Douglass Foundation, Theology of the Body Institute, and others endorse CHRA

Washington, D.C. (09 March 2010) – Leaders representing the majority position of Americans are lining up to endorse an initiative that could reignite the pro-life movement to embrace a different way of looking at abortion and other threats against human beings’ lives.

It’s about the human rights of every human being.

That’s the message of the personhood movement and the California Human Rights Amendment led by black pastor and civil rights icon Rev. Walter Hoye.

Organizers have captured the same momentum that followed the California marriage amendment campaign to create a groundswell of support for the personhood amendment.



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