The Pro-Abortion Clergy of Planned Parenthood


Planned Parenthood’s Clergy-Activist to Speak at Opening of Abortion Mill

By Nina Rhea, Director, Pro-Life Action of Oregon

January 12, 2010

Portland, Ore. – On Sunday Planned Parenthood Columbia Willamette’s (PPCW) grand opening program for their mega-abortion mill will feature a speech by their own full-time pro-abortion chaplain and activist Rev. Vincent Lachina.  Lachina is an active member of Planned Parenthood of America’s (PPFA) Clergy Advisory Board.

The grand opening is scheduled in the middle of Black History Month on February 14.

PPCW’s new abortion mill is centrally located in Portland’s predominantly Black neighborhood on a busy street named after Martin Luther King, Jr.

Pro-Life Action of Oregon has learned that Planned Parenthood of Washington State hired Rev. Lachina full time in 2004. Born into an Italian Catholic family, and now a Baptist, Rev. Lachina is Planned Parenthood’s Washington State Chaplain with duties in Oregon, Alaska, and Idaho. He wears a Roman collar.

According to a 2006 story on Rev. Lachina in the Seattle PI , one of his duties is to relieve employees, some of whom are Christians, of their guilt, telling them that “God will not judge” them.

His other duty is to build up a network of pro-abortion clergy for political lobbying against pregnancy resource centers, parental notification, and pharmacies.  Since 1999, PPFA has published a newsletter by their clergy titled ‘Clergy Voices.’

Pro-Life Action of Oregon has also learned of a document given to Planned Parenthood clients considering abortion titled Pastoral Letter About Your Abortion Decision. The letter is signed by 13 clergy from Christian and Jewish faiths. It warns clients that the “religious right” refuses to accept abortion as a choice for a woman. But “we support you in whatever course you choose. Planned Parenthood keeps a list of clergy who will be supportive of you and the decision you have made.”

News of Planned Parenthood’s ordained minister is disturbing to African-American religious leaders including Rev. Isham Harris, pastor of the Upper Room Home Church located in Northeast Portland. Rev. Harris led a pro-life march through the Black neighborhood one year ago.

“This clergyman is not in harmony with the Holy Spirit because Christ came so that we may have life,” says Rev. Harris. “Psalm 137 tells us that children are a heritage of the Lord and the fruit of the womb is His reward. I question whether this reverend is being led by the Holy Spirit.”

Rev. Harris is distressed that Planned Parenthood chose Black History Month to open its abortion mill. “They have a total disregard for Martin Luther King, Jr. Blvd., for the plight of African-Americans. I feel the same about the Portland Development Commission. I totally abhor this.”

The city’s urban planning arm, the Portland Development Commission, approved the sale of city property to Planned Parenthood.

Deacon Harold Burke-Sivers of Immaculate Heart Church sounded the alarm about Black Genocide at the Portland Right To Life rally in January 2010. “Every week more Blacks die in American abortion clinics that were killed in the entire Vietnam war,” he told the crowd. The Culture of Death “would like us to ignore the fact that African-America women comprise 12% of the population, but have 37% of the abortions. Abortion kills as many African-American people every four days as the Ku Klux Klan killed in 150 years.”

Nina Rhea, Director of Pro-Life Action of Oregon responds:

Is Rev. Lachina not even aware that his pro-abortion activities make him an anti-Christian activist?  Rev. Lachina has urged other pro-abortion clergy to sign a statement in favor of legislation which will hamstring Christian-operated pregnancy resource centers in the state of Washington. The Clergy Statement is full of vicious attacks and outright lies against Christian-operated Pregnancy Resource Centers.

The legislation is reported about here:   ‘New Washington Bill Could Have Chilling Effects on Pregnancy Centers.’)

Rev. Lachina has publicly opposed pharmacies that refuse to dispense oral birth control drugs based on conscientious objection.

In light of this situation, the Christian principles of faith, hope, and charity are exploited to meet the needs of Planned Parenthood, not humanity. Lachina and his ilk have faith in contraception and abortion to solve problems of young people; he is lying to himself that hope comes in a package of birth control pills or an abortion mill; and he must believe that abortion is an act of charity for a young confused, scared mother!

In PPCW’s February 8, 2010 Press Release, Planned Parenthood uses their familiar lexicon of terms which hide the harm they inflict on young pregnant mothers.  They call what they do “health care,” “reproductive health care,” “sexual health care,” and “abortion care.”
We reject all these claims that Planned Parenthood cares for anybody, especially pregnant girls and women.

We call upon this imposter, Rev. Vincent Lachina, to distance himself from the abortion industry and face up to what abortion really is:  the intentional killing of a growing human being.

A pro-life protest at Planned Parenthood on Martin Luther King, Jr. Blvd. is scheduled from 12:30 to 6:00 p.m. on February 14. The protest is sponsored by Precious Children of Portland.

Update 9/8/11.  Rev. Vincent Lachina exposed.  ‘Intellectually dishonest.’  Life Site News.


Pro-Life Action of Oregon is an independent, Christian-centered, nonviolent, and pro-active education project whose leadership is located in Portland, Oregon.  We are dedicated to one simple concept — that all human beings are to be protected and defended from the moment of creation until natural death.  We are committed to the sacredness of human life.  We are a member of the American Life League Associate Program.  We network with pro-life leaders in Oregon and around the country.


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