Local CCHD Grantee Refers Homeless to Planned Parenthood

The grantee is also involved in partisan politics.

Portland, Ore. – Posted December 23, 2009, Pro-Life Action of Oregon

STREET ROOTS, a newspaper for the homeless, received $5,000 of Archdiocesan money this year that originates from the collection basket at the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass.  See Dec. 17, 2009 Sentinel article: ‘Archdiocese of Portland Presents Grants to Anti-Poverty Groups.’

“When the bishops formed the CCHD, they wanted to take a step beyond charity,” Archbishop John Vlazny says, explaining the program as a complement to the work of Catholic Charities and other groups.

The idea of the bishops was to help the poor help themselves via economic development. The campaign is still choosy about whom it funds, Archbishop Vlazny says, making sure all church criteria are met.

The national campaign backs projects, but so do local dioceses. The three local grants given last week were selected with the help of a committee guided by Matt Cato, director of the archdiocese’s Office of Justice and Peace and Respect for Life.   [Emphasis added.]

Follow The Left-Wing Ideology

The Street Roots newspaper publishes a homeless guide, ‘THE ROSE CITY RESOURCE.’

The Rose City Resource guidebook refers the homeless – under “Health Resources” – to PLANNED PARENTHOOD.  Pro-Life Action of Oregon spoke with Eddie Barbosa today and he confirmed that their current guidebook lists Planned Parenthood.  (He gave us the phone numbers and the Tri-Met bus numbers to take, thinking we called for directions.)

Furthermore, the guidebook online displays a MAP OF RESOURCES.  We located Planned Parenthood locations on the map.

Also troubling is the PARTISAN POLITICS involved.  Street Roots newspaper online directs visitors to DEMOCRACY IN ACTION: “Wiring The Progressive Movement.”

Help us continue to serve the community by donating to the Rose City Resource via a secure link through our friends at Democracy in Action.

Are you upset as we are?  We’re pretty upset.  In fact, we’re angry at the sheer ignorance of those at the Archdiocese in charge of our money.

A soup kitchen would be better!!  Donate to the poor DIRECTLY!

Planned Parenthood is an enemy of the Catholic Church.  Just look at this fund raising ad which mocks Our Lord’s birth:  CHOICE ON EARTH.

Who else mocks Jesus Christ?  SATAN.  He is the prince of lies.


One Reply to “Local CCHD Grantee Refers Homeless to Planned Parenthood”

  1. Why should this surprise you. Many of those vendors are active addicts and very few who have sold that paper ever get cleaned up. The money they make goes towards their drugs or booze. When I found that out I quite buying the paper.


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