Abortion Cure For Terrorism: Alexander Sanger

Pro-aborts truly believe and live by the precept that ABORTION IS THE SOLUTION FOR EVERYTHING UNDER THE SUN, from overpopulation to global warming to crime.

Alexander Sanger’s article was penned shortly after terrorists flew airplanes into the World Trader Center on 9/11.  As you read it, notice the underlying eugenics.   Would terrorist-appeasing liberals criticize Sanger for his racism and fear mongering?  Our guess is probably not.  Abortion is a sacrament to ALL liberals by all accounts.

Abortion Is The SOLUTION for Terrorism by Alexander Sanger. December 20, 2001.

Alexander Sanger, the grandson of Margaret Sanger, has a blog.  In this entry, under “The Sanger File,” he writes:

My grandmother, Margaret Sanger, said more than a half century ago that the issues of world population, world peace and the status of women were inextricably interwoven and that world stability could not be achieved without improving the status of the world’s women.

I believe that we who support reproductive rights and improving the status of women are indispensable in coming up with a solution to whatever caused the terrorist attacks on Sept. 11.

Although the cause of reproductive rights isn’t directed toward alleviating ancient ethnic or religious hatreds, nor toward alleviating the inequities caused by globalization, nor toward dealing with the clash of civilizations, all of which in one form or another have been cited as the underlying causes of the Sept. 11 attacks, our mission deals with all of these.  [Emphasis added]

Excerpted from ‘Gender and Terrorism’ by Alexander Sanger, 12/20/2001

Keep in mind the pro-abort language which veils the killing of a human being:  “reproductive rights.”


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