Contraceptive Pills Cause Cancer

(Portland, Ore)  The Oregon Department of Education (ODE) recently released its Youth Sexual Health Plan. Read that again.

Thanks to Gov. Ted Kulongoski’s depraved leadership, school teachers have access to an abundance of resources to sexualize our school children.

Is this what we want, people of Oregon?

Anabolic Steroids Are Bad

ODE’s Health Education Department is working hard to prevent school athletes from using and abusing steroids to enhance performance.  Steroids are hormones.  Hormones are known to be a health risk.  Hormones are to be avoided.

Except when it comes to sex.

Birth Control Pills Are Good

Female students in Oregon who visit their school’s health center can get contraceptive pills.  In fact, The Pill is considered by “sex educators” – trained by Planned Parenthood – to be the Solution to preventing unwanted pregnancies.  Every piece of ‘sexual health’ promotion literature your editor reads from Planned Parenthood or the school district, says The Pill is worthy of our praise.

Of course, no one in a leadership role at the ODE has paid any attention to two glaring health risks associated with The Pill.  (1)  The Pill can cause breast cancer * and life threatening blood clots, and (2) in the possession of teenagers, The Pill CAUSES a very high frequency of unwanted pregnancies.  Teenagers are poor at following directions of any kind!  Haven’t they noticed?!  Of course they have!


* Studies have shown that The Pill causes breast cancer.  However, you probably haven’t heard about it.  The people who make billions of dollars selling, promoting, and manufacturing The Pill will continue to hide, including The Susan G. Komen Foundation (Race for the Cure), which donates money to Planned Parenthood.

There’s a saying in the health education field:

Remember always to be grateful for the millions of people everywhere whose despicable habits make health education necessary.

The Susan G. Komen Foundation already knows what causes breast cancer!