ACLU’s, Planned Parenthood’s Common Goal: Sexualizing Children

03/27/2013 updated link.

INDECENCY reigns in both camps.

In 2008, the ACLU of Oregon sued the federal government to overturn an Oregon law protecting children from indecent publications.  The ACLU represented Planned Parenthood, left-wing booksellers, librarians, and others in an effort to overturn a Decency Law in Oregon, ORS 167.054.

The ACLU and Planned Parenthood won and protected booksellers over the rights of parents.

Your Personal Witness To Indecent “Art” Book

In 2004, your editor paid a visit to Annie Bloom’s Books, one of the plaintiffs.  The bookstore is prominently located in Multnomah Village, a Portland, OR neighborhood.  An indecent, pornographic “art” book was shelved at eye-level and near the children’s section.  While briefly thumbing through the book, it took a few seconds to open a 2-page spread of male genital in full “formation.”  Your editor took this book to the front desk and made a loud protest, never to return.

At the same bookstore your editor discovered an old radical feminist manifesto from the 1970’s, penned by the same woman who made a failed attempt on Andy Warhol’s life.  The book, ‘S.C.U.M.: the Society To Cut Up Men,’ is STILL on book lists at American universities, including, at last check, Lewis & Clark College.

It’s important for Christian activists to note that while this bookstore sells an extensive selection of  “Judaica” it also sells a gay art book that includes “gay Jesus” and “woman Christ.”  The store is located near the Mittleman Jewish Community Center.